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Chat china sex free tv

Instead, filtered through the ultra-hip prism of popular Chinese social networking app We Chat, it explores the grim, bitter realities faced by kids struggling to survive in a seedy, hopeless modern-day Hong Kong.

But, although writer-director Philip Yung's sophomore effort clearly wants to say a lot about society, it winds up descending into bleak torture porn and is, as a result, curiously devoid of emotional power and meaning.

There are films that paint the bumpy road we take through youth as a time of discovery and magic, despite - or perhaps, oddly, because of - all the hormones and existential angst that come with it.

Notwithstanding its chirpy, colour-splashed publicity campaign, May We Chat is not one of those films.

See full summary » Hui Bao is an actress rehearsing for a performance in a theater play alongside her boyfriend Nan.

It may be smart, and it may be ambitious - but it's also hollow, and not entirely convincing as either thriller or social commentary.

This has little to do with his cast: they're all surprisingly competent for newcomers, particularly Wai, who does a lot with very little - we never see where all the money she gets from prostituting herself goes, since her grandmother never seems to benefit from it.

It doesn't help that the final act of the film descends into a cold pit of torture porn.

See full summary » Three girls spend a lot of time using We Chat on their mobiles for what normal urban teens do - shopping, meaningless sex, heartaches and whining.

But when one of them is kidnapped, the other two try to find her, for which they have to with lowlife triads.

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It's impossible to deny Yung's ambition: he weaves an almost epic collision of character and circumstance into his script.

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