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Catholic and mormon dating

From an LDS perspective, there are 3 levels of heaven, and in order to reach the highest level of heaven, one must be married, and the marriage must be sealed in the temple "for time and eternity." Basically, for her, if they never get married in the temple (which can be done any time, including after death, though it it was performed after death, he would still need to accept it), she will never make it to the highest level of heaven.The other levels of heaven aren't that bad (the bottom level is similar to Earth), but I've never known a Mormon who wishes to settle for one of the lower levels of heaven.In previous times, the non-Catholic spouse would have to sign a statement that the children would be raised Catholic, or they would not be allowed to be married, and if they went ahead, he would be excommunicated.This is no longer the case, but that doesn't mean that the Catholic church desires any less that the children be raised Catholic.Is it considered valid in a Methodist/Baptist/Lutheran church?I think you're right about the pressure to convert.But they also have regulations that say that Catholics must get married in the Catholic Church, unless they have permission to marry elsewhere.If a Catholic doesn't follow that rule, the marriage is not considered valid no matter who one marries.

Is the difference in faith an insurmountable thing for them?He could theoretically practice his faith throughout his life and she hers, and somebody could perform an LDS baptism for him (against Catholic teaching) and a temple marriage for them after he dies, and then the Mormons could hope that they both eventually make it to the highest level of heaven, but that's not really a solution that makes Catholics or Mormons terribly comfortable.On both sides, there's some difficulties with the role of spouses within marriage and plans on how to raise the children, but I would say those are less serious than the difficulties associated with the different understandings of marriage.It is possible to get permission to marry in another church, but I don't know what criteria they use to determine who they will grant permission to.I know Catholics that have married in Protestant churches with permission, but not to Mormons.

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I can't help but think that for this and other reasons he would be under constant pressure to convert.

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