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The South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya will compete in the women’s 800-meter final this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, and she’s favored to win.

Her potential victory is already being described as a “dilemma.”At best, her detractors will give the credit for her win to the 25-year-old's body chemistry rather than her skill.

The growing societal acceptance of transgender athletes is also bound to complicate things for gender-sticklers.

The debate over Semenya, Chand, and others like them should make viewers question what, specifically, it is we want from Olympic events and athletes.

So pure of heart were these early Games that professional, as opposed to amateur, athletes were banned until the 1980s.

These notions of athletic righteousness live on with the near-universal rejection of doping, at least by Olympics fans and judges.

As the historian and writer Louisa Thomas pointed out recently, integrity is at the core of the Olympics.

It’s unclear how much of an advantage testosterone gives women in running—or in anything else.No one is certain exactly when the large “Tom” settled into the industrial area along Steels Corners Rd near State Rd, but lately he’s getting more attention.“Oh, he’s a character,” said Ed Tracy, who frequently stops to see the turkey with his son. Other days he’s just getting fed; other days he’s minding his own business, and then today, he’s chasing every bird out of the park here.” He stands about 3-feet tall with a 6-foot wingspan and seems fearless, whether chasing people or moving vehicles.In analyzing a related issue, Oscar Pistorius’ carbon-fiber legs, David Epstein quoted philosopher Bernard Suits in defining sports as “the voluntary acceptance of unnecessary obstacles.” Sports have rules because it’s just not fun to watch someone drive a Ford F-350 across the finish line, leaving a pack of honest runners in the dust.But if you’re born with a V8 engine in your bones, is it against the rules to use it?

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