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Their rulers took on the classic characteristics of “divine kings.” They caused monuments to be erected in their commemoration and for the affirmation of their pedigree.

The societies that erected and occupied these centers may be described as primitive kingdoms and incipient city-states.

The autochthonous development of this civilization came to an end during the ninth century when, one after another, the Classic Maya kingdoms collapsed.

The fortunes of the centers varied as first one and then another rose to prominence and dominating influence.

However, the researchers said the pattern of results implies that the savants were using different strategies from the neuro-typicals.

Whereas the neuro-typicals relied on algorithms for past, present and future dates, the savants probably relied on rote memory for past and present dates, the researchers said, hence their superior speed and accuracy for these, whilst they probably fell back on some kind of algorithmic system for future dates.

Other sources either fürnished the keys for the initial unlocking of the content of the primary sources or have offered supplementary and comparative evidence for the interpretation of that content.

The Maya left no treatises on mathematical or astronomical methods or theories.

The abandonment of their centers was concomitant with influences—political, cultural, and military—emanating from the Mexican highlands to the west.These conclusions were supported by the fact that the savants’ answers seemed too quick, at least as regards dates in the current month (their average response time was less than three seconds), for them to have performed algorithmic calculations.Also they appeared to have made use of memory “anchor dates” based around the month of December, as betrayed by their reaction times tending to be quicker for months later and earlier in the year. For example, if the savants were relying on memory for their astonishing calendrical feats, you’d think a memory test would reveal their unusual memory ability. Among those in priestly occupations were the sky-watchers and the experts in numeration and the calendar. A related priestly class attended to their needs for mythological charter and supernatural sanction.

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