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After the patient's actual insulin need (U/24 h) has been estimated, initial algorithms for functional insulin use can be defined.And this is the turning point to ‘phase 2’ of the group rehabilitation process, the so-called education in functional insulin use.Blood plasma Blood plasma is a mixture of proteins, enzymes, nutrients, wastes, hormones and gases.The specific composition and function of its components are as follows: Proteins These are the most abundant substance in plasma by weight and play a part in a variety of roles including clotting, defence and transport.Collectively, they serve several functions: Amino acids These are formed from the break down of tissue proteins or from the digestion of digested proteins.Nitrogenous waste Being toxic end products of the break down of substances in the body, these are usually cleared from the bloodstream and are excreted by the kidneys at a rate that balances their production.All these phases (0–3) usually require about 40–50 h of (group) teaching.

All formed elements are cells except for the platelets, which tiny fragments of bone marrow cells.

We have divided the rehabilitation process in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus into the following four phases.

The basic phase, the so-called ‘phase 0’, provides information about literature, different strategies of treatment and introduces the use of regular insulin as well as blood sugar self-monitoring. ‘diabetes education common sense’) all the initial information from ‘phase 0’ will be used practically and discussed in depth.

Gases Some oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported by plasma.

Plasma also contains a substantial amount of dissolved nitrogen.

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The inner cellular components lost include their mitochondria, which normally provide energy to a cell, and their nucleus, which contains the genetic material of the cell and enable it to repair itself.

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