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Bible studies for newly dating couples

The first exhibit, a 3,200-pound replica of the Liberty Bell, had to be lowered into the building during construction because it was so large.

Another attraction is a soundscape of the 10 plagues, with glowing red light to symbolize the Nile turned to blood.

The museum is located three blocks from the Capitol and was largely funded by the owners of the Hobby Lobby arts and crafts chain.

The company president, Steve Green, says the museum is nonsectarian.

THE THEATERThe theater will open with the show 'Amazing Grace,' a musical that played briefly on Broadway about John Newton, a slave trader and Anglican priest who wrote the Christian hymn of the show's title and denounced the slave trade.

JESUS' WORLDAn extensive exhibit aims to recreate what Nazareth looked like during the time of Jesus, including a mikveh, or ritual bath, and a courtyard depicting village life.

But Green, who chairs the museum's board, insists it aims only to 'present the facts.''This is a journalistic view of the Bible.

It's not about espousing our faith,' he told reporters at a preview ahead of the museum's grand opening.'We're inviting all people to engage with this book, so we embrace all that will come and celebrate the Bible.'Situated just south of Washington's National Mall esplanade that houses the Smithsonian museum complex, the sprawling eight-floor institution - which includes a ballroom, performing arts hall and biblical garden - lets visitors tour a theatrical exhibit recreating what Nazareth may have looked like in the time of Jesus.

THE VIEWAlong with a rooftop garden, a glass-walled atrium provides clear views of the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

I found it out a few months ago, but I still to this day am not quite sure how to write about it.

Life is kōan and like any great riddle part of the enlightenment comes through the quest itself – so I believe it would do little good to simply try to hand anyone the answers.

His arts and crafts retail chain Hobby Lobby burst into the public sphere when it won a 2014 Supreme Court case allowing companies to opt out of paying for the employees' contraception on religious grounds.

And just months ago the company came under fire for illegally importing more than 5,500 artifacts, including ancient clay cuneiform tablets that had been smuggled out of Iraq.

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'I think what's really curious is what's not in the Bible Museum.'Moss argues the museum focuses too narrowly on American history, making scant reference to the Mormon branch of Christianity, the Ethiopic Christian Churches, or the Bible's ties to the Quran.

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