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At the bottom of the page notes by the Commission are included and in this case, it mentions that indeed they found a Nelson Hare on 1880 Roll page 767 Number 989 and on the 1896 Roll they found a Nelson Hare.This brings up several very important points and in some cases why one cannot find a person they are looking for.Over 250,000 people physically showed up in one of these courthouses and filled out an application to be included in this Land Allotment.

Cherokees in the 1880′s and earlier did not use surnames such as the Europeans and Americans.The Testimony pages are typed answers to questions the Commission asked like: name, age, where one lived, names of parents, marital status and more.But here is the kicker, in this case, they asked if Bird Hare was known by any other name and he indicated that yes he was called Nelson Hare when he was little.The next step was to “set up shop” so to speak in each Courthouse in each district.The Committee at each of these courthouses would consist of several members of the Commission, a stenographer, and a hired local Cherokee as interpreter.

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The Commission was only interested in Living Cherokees (1900-1907) that resided within the Cherokee Nation that could be verified by virtue of being counted by their own tribe on the previous census.

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