Bad dating stories validating equipment

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Bad dating stories

Then she went to her lawyer and filed for an emergency restraining order against him!

Fortunately, that didn't work.""I was hired to represent the husband of a woman who slept with her 16-year-old student.

Some couples are able to navigate their differences and come to an at least somewhat happy arrangement, but others can't seem to agree on, well, anything. ) divorce lawyers have seen everything from wives sleeping with their students to nosy, bossy father-in-laws interfering in a marriage.

Keep scrolling for stories that will make you think twice before even uttering the infamous 'D' word.

As soon as I find out the details, I got down on my hands and knees and begged the assistant district attorney to limit the facts of the case that were said in court.

I was successful, but ultimately his wife—who was previously unaware of the girlfriend or the cocaine habit—found out." — "I had a client who was divorced, and remarried, and his child was in middle school. Right after report cards came out, his ex-wife showed up at his door, complained to him about their son's grades, and then hauled off and punched him in the face!

The husband and wife were actually charged in a hundred-something-count indictment because they stole identities of other licensed doctors to submit invoices and information to various companies so they could get reimbursements for supplies that never existed."You shouldn't have to depend on anyone else." The assumption, Dr.Bonior says, is that by searching for love, you're attempting to fill a hole in yourself, which of course isn't always the case.My client was able to spend the sacred holiday with her first born.A very bad moment turned very good." "I once represented a financier, a married man, who had been arrested for drunk driving.

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"Women especially are told that they aren't supposed to be on the hunt of sex," she says. So if someone is making love a goal, it goes against our notions of what romance is meant to be like."But there's absolutely nothing wrong about prioritizing the hunt for love.

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