Bad dating profile pics college dating site

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Bad dating profile pics

I am a senior and unable to afford to pay for a service that I do not use and was canceled.

They would send me matches that were not even within my requirements. As to your matches age I would also like to examine your account settings as to what is occurring.

The thought of my matches (including one who had just asked to take things to the next level) getting an email that made me sound like a bad person led me to feel angry and upset. insinuating that the person has been removed for being or doing something horrible.Please reach out to me at [email protected] have absolutely no words for the terrible, horrible, awful, useless experience I had with this company.I signed up and thought I was getting to 'try it for free' though I was mistaken and I signed up for a full year. The wording was also very misleading and I thought I could cancel after 3 months if I was unhappy so it would only cost me 63 dollars. 90% of them were in a different country (to be fair I live near the border, but still for over 150 dollars the program should be able to give me only local matches).It took two weeks for a response and then it was Autobot that it was binding agreement. When you have a chance allow me to examine not only your account as to your matching fundamentals but write to me as to your subscription details. The only thing e Harmony is committed to is ensuring your 'automatic renewal' of subscription fees is active.A second attempt gave me a response from a human (it seemed) but same answer and even more rudely than the robot. Please reach out to me at [email protected] one year all my matches were at least 200 miles away or scam. They have no commitment to customer service or legitimate business practices.

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Even the way the website was laid out seemed cheap and dated. Within your account settings parameters, you do have a number of options as to distance.

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