Automated sexy chat bot conservative dating service

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Automated sexy chat bot

3.) Extract the Package Chat Script doesn’t have an installer (yet), so you need to extract the contents of the zip file to a convenient location. The easiest would be to extract the files to your root drive (usually C:), but this is mostly a matter of preference. RTFM 5.) First Run According to the manual (you did read the manual, right? simply run chatscript.exe, watch as some stats appear in the console window, and then the prompt “Enter user name” is printed.

The two guides will be for creating chatbots using Bruce Wilcox’s stand-alone app, Chat Script, and setting up a chatbot at Pandorabots. However, Chat Script has its own set of “disadvantages”: With Chat Script, There is no graphical interface. Since we’ve covered the “cons”, it’s only fair to cover the “pros”, as well.

Any “upgrades” or improvements to the interface are solely the option and responsibility of the botmaster.

Most stand-alone chatbot apps, such as AI Bliss ( and Kari ( have these advantages: [ul] [li]Most are simple to install and use[/li] [li]They have an attractive, engaging graphical interface, and often have a full, rich world to explore.[/li] [li]The majority have a Text to Speech (TTS) system, adding an audio component that enhances your experience[/li] [/ul] However, they also have the following disadvantages: [ul] [li]These bots are not “your own”, iun that there are very limited degrees of configuration that help to personalise your bot.[/li] [li]For the most part, these applications are not free, though most have a “demo” version.[/li] [li]Many contain (to varying degrees) “mature” content (nudity, adult language, sexual situations, etc.) that may not be welcome if the household contains children or others who would find such content offensive.[/li] [/ul] Now this isn’t true for every stand-alone bot application, as I’ll demonstrate later on.

2.) Download Chat Script The Chat Script app can be downloaded at

The package is in zip format, which every version of windows from xp onward can handle without having a zip extracting program.

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This is strictly a “console” application, with just a “DOS prompt” window that you use to enter input/read output. There are only a few lines of scripting, designed only to make sure that the application is properly set up. Since Chat Script has its own unique scripting language, you’re now experiencing your first “learning curve”, and have to learn how the scripting language works. with Chat Script, You can: [ul] [li]Build your bot your way.

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