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Countryman examines the world of the New Testament to examine why the various sexual mores existed in New Testament times and examines what the implications of the Biblical principles regarding purity and property are for us today.

I will be examining Scott Croft’s views in light of Countryman’s text.

In many ways, this is both impossible and undesirable.

The Biblical world was an agrarian society (farming) while our world is an industrial society (urban).

He is also the author and editor of numerous publications on the Amish, including The Amish in the American Imagination, Amish Grace (with co-authors Donald Kraybill and Steven Nolt), and Writing the Amish: The Worlds of John […] Once church lets out around noon, the Youngie hit the streets.

It would be very difficult to import all of the facets of Biblical culture to our culture. As one non-controversial example, slavery was extremely common in the Biblical world.

Not all Amish youth follow the pattern described below.

In some communities, such as Holmes County, Ohio, not all youth are members of so-called “singing groups” (those who aren’t are […] David Weaver-Zercher is chair of the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Since I’ve been back in the US I’ve finally had a chance to watch the National Geographic Amish specials (on ex-Amish, and Amish courtship and marriage) in full.

You may recall a couple of posts on these last fall: Leaving the Amish and Amish dating.

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The individual congregation, guided by its bishop, decides its own rules and customs.

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