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Alex scally dating

VL: I definitely feel that our heart is deeply in that world, and little things like that and many other little things where you just go, “I don’t care what anybody else thinks, let’s just do that.” I definitely feel that soft punk, or whatever you want to call it, it definitely resonates with me and they were some of the first shows I ever went to in my life, actual shows, little punk shows in churches. ” – Victoria Legrand], who is now a really close, personal friend, he started being like, “You guys are punks” and we’d be like “Shut up, Chris” and he’d be like [deep voice] “No, I’m serious, you guys are a bunch of punks.” And we actually felt proud with that comment, everyone’s always trying to box up music somehow, you know about being put in a box, right?I always thought punk was where someone wants something and they aren’t going to stop until they get it and don’t care what other people think, they’re just going to make it themselves. “I think that more than anything we’re taking the poetry of the whole punk thing, I’m sure that people will be like, “She’s not punk! But for some reason we feel really comfortable with that box. AS: I don’t think it’ll catch on, but it feels right.Remastered and re-engineered to create a sense of sonic unity, the collection brings together snapshots from every phase in Beach House's development.They range from the swirling lo-fi piano balladry of "Rain in Numbers" (a track dating all the way back to 2005), to the dreamy "Baseball Diamond" and the soulfully smoldering "Baby," arguably one of the most distinctive tracks in their catalog.But maybe it is a '80s and '90s kind of thing," he continues, admitting that he hadn't previously considered that releasing such a collection wasn't typical for an indie band in 2017."It seemed very natural to us, but now that we're talking about it, I guess no one really does that." In keeping with the spirit of classic collections of rarities, Beach House brings together 14 tracks that span the length of their career, all of the odd cousins that weren't invited to sit for a family picture.

I think we’ve done that, we’re just like, “Well, we’re going to be doing this all year, so let’s choose to make it something we love.” CO: So, November 14th to January 15th, it’s a good block of time.

It must be the highlight of the day every time you play.

VL: Yeah, there’s definitely more life in that than in most…

VL: Maybe your album is heavily influenced by MSG, we’re more lard.

CO: Oh, now that you say MSG, I was curious about the song names , if there was any hidden meanings there?

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"We realized there were a bunch of things and there was no way to find them without being a You Tube super-fan," explains guitarist Alex Scally.