Adult dating in iron belt wisconsin

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Adult dating in iron belt wisconsin

Elda suffered a nasty almost fatal fall three years before she died, and was cracking jokes on what might have been her deathbed!Elda died at the age of 91 in 1995, cared for in her old age by the woman she had cared for as an infant, Marcella.

They demolished it with dynamite and built a home there.

Gerald became a salesman of and mechanic for John Deere farm implements with G. Source – author photo, Gerald lived to the age of 92, dying in 2004 Harold married Marion Bremer, who was a great granddaughter of Johann and Minna Lueders, Jr.

(see: Source – family photo, Marcella – two years of age, August 8, 1937 Marcella was well cared for and did not lack for love.

Source – author photo, Edgar – late 1950s Renata died on September 29, 1943, a victim of breast cancer.

Her husband, Erich, moved to a small home on the Pioneer Orchards farm next to Renata’s Nieman cousin whose wife became a surrogate mother to Glenrose.

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Augusta, age 76, died on September 13, 1950, terribly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis, blinded by cataracts, and finally afflicted with a stroke.

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