Adult chatterbots

Posted by / 05-Sep-2017 07:03

Adult chatterbots

By integrating chatbots into messaging services, the ideal concept is created: to reach users centrally.Instead of clicking on the weather app, users could easily ask Whatsapp’s weather bot 'Do I need an umbrella today? It’s also possible to implement all further services that were previously available as apps or the mobile browser via the same user interface.For every request, the bot accesses the database since that’s where all the answers and recognition patterns are stored.The larger and more extensive the database is, the greater the knowledge base.The relevant information and FAQs are stored previously in the database.

The basis for each chatbot program is the database.

This is a great opportunity for big players in the online communication world like Facebook.

They obviously want users to stay on their platform and not to lose them to the weather service.

Many bots can also tell jokes and simulate simple conversations.

The chatbot used on Vine (the video platform) sends users suitable films upon request for whatever keyword they’ve entered.

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Online bots are everywhere: Apple uses them, Facebook has big plans for them, and Microsoft has already made a mighty mistake with them.