2way se cams

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2way se cams

For example, if the camera detects motion you can enter the Ke Vo app directly from the Ring app to lock or unlock a door.

Finally, the Linked Chimes button lets you link your account to an external bell such as the Ring Chime (.95), which plugs into a wall outlet and sounds a chime when motion is detected.

Design and Features The Stick Up Cam looks similar to the Ring Doorbell.

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The Live View button opens a live landscape mode video stream with a Talk button for two-way audio and an End button that stops the stream and takes you back to the camera page.

The Shared Users button lets you add users by entering their email address, and the Ring Partners button lets you connect the camera to one of Ring's partner apps including Lock State, Lockitron, Belkin's We Mo, and Kwikset's Ke Vo.

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