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Ivermectin treatment is particularly effective because it only needs to be taken once or twice a year, needs no refrigeration, and has a wide margin of safety, with the result that it has been widely given by minimally trained community health workers.For the treatment of individuals, doxycycline is used to kill the Wolbachia bacteria that live in adult worms, this adjunct therapy has been shown to significantly lower microfilarial loads in the host, and may kill the adult worms, due to the symbiotic relationship between Wolbachia and the worm.Ocular involvement provides the common name associated with onchocerciasis, river blindness, and may involve any part of the eye from conjunctiva and cornea to uvea and posterior segment, including the retina and optic nerve.The microfilariae migrate to the surface of the cornea.Onchocerciasis causes different kinds of skin changes, which vary in different geographic regions; it may be divided into the following phases or types: Various control programs aim to stop onchocerciasis from being a public health problem, the first was the Onchocerciasis Control Programme (OCP), which was launched in 1974, and at its peak, covered 30 million people in 11 countries.Through the use of larvicide spraying of fast-flowing rivers to control black fly populations, and from 1988 onwards, the use of ivermectin to treat infected people, the OCP eliminated onchocerciasis as a public health problem, the OCP, a joint effort of the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, was considered to be a success, and came to an end in 2002.Wolbachia species have been found to be endosymbionts of O.volvulus adults and microfilariae, and are thought to be the driving force behind most of O. Dying microfilariae have been recently discovered to release Wolbachia surface protein that activates TLR2 and TLR4, triggering innate immune responses and producing the inflammation and its associated morbidity.

The drug therefore prevents both morbidity and transmission for up to several months.

Ivermectin kills the parasite by interfering with the nervous system and muscle function, in particular, by enhancing inhibitory neurotransmission.

The drug binds to and activates glutamate-gated chloride channels.

No vaccine to prevent onchocerciasis infection in humans is available.

A vaccine to prevent onchocerciasis infection for cattle is in phase three trials.

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In four separate trials over ten years with various dosing regimens of doxycycline for individualized treatment, doxycycline was found to be effective in sterilizing the female worms and reducing their numbers over a period of four to six weeks.

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