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10 dating rules lyrics

At the funeral, an old friend of Margaret’s talked about what each of the eight children had meant to their mother.‘When she came to me, she said I was: “Sarah, simply your song.” So I wrote this poem: “I was your song and you sang me/I was your song they told me/Now you are gone I lie down unsung/Crying unsung,”’ she says, through tears that have been falling since we first spoke of her mother’s illness.Early childhood memories are often fleeting and fragmented, but one of Sarah Joyce’sfirst recollections offers an illuminating insight into the woman she would become.The 31-year-old singer-songwriter who performs as Rumer – hailed by Burt Bacharach, Carly Simon and Elton John as a major new talent – was born into a British family living near Islamabad in Pakistan, where her father was the chief engineer on the Tarbela Dam project.But a troubled time at home – she was unhappy at school, and her mother Margaret suffered from depression – prompted a move from the New Forest to Carlisle, whereher father lived with his second wife.He was, she says, a good man who ‘only ever tried to do the right thing’, but was also a ‘typically repressed Englishman’ and they never talked openly about Sarah’s biological father.Imagine, I had known about my father for nearly ten years and then I arrive to meet him and he had died – you can see why I relate to tragic heroines.’Having established her sibling relationship with Saiid, the next day she continued her surreal journey by going with him to meet his mother and the rest of his family.

I used to say, “I want to have blonde hair and blue eyes”, and one of my older sisters would say, “When I was a little girl I used to want brown hair and brown eyes” – but I knew that was rubbish,’ she says.She’s been a receptionist, a cleaner and worked in a coffee shop (making ‘a good half a million cappuccinos’) while waiting ten long years for her break.But it isn’t just the depth and timbre of her voice (there have been comparisons with Karen Carpenter) that has made the record industry take notice.Accompanied by a chaperone, Sarah travelled to the remote mountain area her father came from and attempted to locate him, with no address – just an old photo.‘I arrived in this hotel and went into the restaurant for a cup of tea.

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They loved her because she spoke their language, wore their dress.

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